About Us

CLEANR is a technology company focused on making sustainability effortless for the entire world. The CLEANR microplastic filter is the first of its kind to filter incredibly small particles, to be fully mechanical, completely reusable, and incredibly easy to use. We challenge the status quo and create innovative, new solutions to complex and intertwined problems. Based out of the Sears think[box] in Cleveland Ohio, the CLEANR team has been working since 2020 to limit the microplastic emissions from every washing machine. CLEANR has landed on a completely mechanical, biomimicry inspired filter which can capture particles larger than 20 microns.

Our Mission

Effortless Sustainability

CLEANR is dedicated to making sustainability the only option. The team has seen how difficult, expensive, and inconvenient it is to practice sustainability. We have pushed to make our device a positive force in making our environment and lives healthier and more sustainable.


Inspire the World to Live Cleaner

The push towards sustainability will require very hard and intentional change to make a larger impact. At CLEANR, we hope to inspire this change and push to make sustainability effortless.


Think Outside the box

At CLEANR, we encourage the crazy ideas. Hard problems will not be solved with easy solutions, so wild ideas will drive us to think creatively and change the world.

Happy Workplace

CLEANR is not just a job, but it is striving to change the world. Every day we can feel our impact on the environment and human health. Whether it’s seeing the microplastics in one of our many tests, or pushing our ideas even further, we are passionate and enjoy everything we do.

Problem Solvers

 In the push for a more sustainable future, we aren’t without problems. However, we surround ourselves with those willing to identify and solve these problems. It is only through the problem solver mindset that true advancement and innovation can be achieved.

Risk Takers

Pushing past the status quo requires stepping outside your comfort zone. CLEANR encourages taking calculated risks in our technology, in our ideas, and in our push to make the world healthier and more sustainable.

Natural Inspiration

The natural world is vast, highly connected, and works symbiotically together. Nature iterates and refines its designs over thousands of years. So, we use nature as a guide in developing solutions that make sustainability effortless.

The Sears think[box] is a seven-story innovation space completely dedicated to entrepreneurship, hard tech, and innovation. Open and free to the public, the think[box] provides access to millions of dollars worth of equipment, resources, and professionals to aid in all aspects of innovation. From 3D printers to a complete metal shop, the think[box] is a leader in open innovation.