Effortless Microplastic Filtration

At CLEANR Inc., we build best-in-class filters that effortlessly remove microplastics from washing machines which are the largest source of microplastics in the environment.

Our washing machine filters are


Our filter removes greater than 90% of microplastics otherwise emitted from washing machines down to the 10-micron level.


Our filter lasts the lifetime of a washing machine with no additional power, cartridges, or disposables.

Easy to use

Our filter was designed for an effortless consumer experience and requires less than 30 seconds to clean.

Microplastics Linked to Cancer, Heart, and Health Problems

The ingestion of microplastics from our tap water and food supply has been associated with and linked to a variety of human health problems.

Clothing is the Largest Source of Microplastic Pollution

Washing machines account for 35% of the microplastic that enters our environment.

CLEANR Washing Machine Filters

Our washing machine filters allow for the effortless removal of the largest source
of microplastics into our environment and bodies.

Our Story

In 2020, we learned that 180 million metric tons of microplastics were entering the environment every year from washing machines alone. These microplastics were being linked to a variety of health and climate consequences, yet no one seemed to be finding a solution to the problem. We were determined to be the team to tackle this problem. Our goal was to develop a filter that was effective, easy to use, and could attach to any washing machine. Hundreds of prototypes later, we are now installing our biomimicry inspired filter that makes microplastic filtration effortless - inspired by nature for nature. Please follow us on our journey to eliminate the major sources of microplastics into our environment, starting with your washing machine.